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"So on friday evening i decide to drink rum & vodka with my boyfriend and our mutual girl friend everything started out ok having fun talking about old memories until we get really drunk the 3 of us are casual smokers so they tell me they want to go outside for a cig (apt doesn't allow inside smoking) so i tell them ok i'll meet them outside after i use the bathroom and finish my drink, after i done all that i start putting on my shoes and jacket because it's cold af outside, sometimes i do this thing where i have a smoke by myself in the parking lot behind our apt building so i didn't feel like sitting with them at the side of our apt so i decide to smoke by myself and at this point i finished my full cig and im so drunk i feel like having another one so i pull it out of my pack and wonder why haven't they came to find me yet? it's been like 20 minutes sitting by myself so i get up and walk towards the front door and from a distance i see my bf "


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