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"Stephanie, Steph, is beautiful slim long legged, has long flowing brunette hair and deep bright hazel eyes. She's sassy, always extremely horny, amazing in bed and a total anal slut. She's also 20 years old and my step daughter. Myself and Stephs mom had been out at a restaurant. I thought Steph would be fast asleep as it was late, so when we got in, feeling horny I bent Stephs mom over the kitchen table. I didn't have any condoms, so after tonging her asshole for a few minutes and then unleashing all eight inches of my cock, I rammed it up my wifes asshole. She'd only just cum for the second time and I was about to when I looked over at the kitchen doorway. Leant against the door jam was Steph. She put her index finger to her mouth as if to tell me to be quiet, then watched as I came up her moms asshole. Her mom didn't see or hear Steph so I didn't say anything. The next morning my wife took the dog out as usual. She's normally gone about an hour, sometimes longer. So I settled back to sleep for a Sunday lay in. I was awoken by the covers being lifted off me and a mouth being wrapped around my cock. I didn't at first open my eyes, because I fully expected it to be my wife. When I did open my eyes I knew straight away it was Steph. I'd paid for the tattoo she had on her lower back. I could have stopped her, but I didn't. Instead I let her know I was awake by making her suck down harder and deeper on my cock. I knew I hadn't had a shower the night before and I also knew her moms anal juices would still be on my cock. It turned me on so much I came within a few minutes of Stephs wonderful sucking, filling her mouth. The dirty bitch only rose up and kissed me, making me take in some of my own cum. We continued kissing and fondling each other until I became hard again. Mounting me I thought Steph was going to let me fuck her pussy. Looking into my eyes Steph told me she wanted me to fuck her asshole as she'd watched me fuck her moms. Watching my stunningly beautiful step daughter bounce up and down on my cock, as her asshole took all eight inches of me was fucking awsome. If I wanted to stop I couldn't, as she fucked me like it was her last day on earth. Steph came all over my dick and I felt her juices running over my balls. That was the thing that made me cum up my step daughter, just as I had her mother the night before. Lifting herself off me Steph slid down my body and took my cock back into her mouth. I was becomeing hard again when we heard the front door oening and heard the dog running in. Steph calmly walked out of our bedroom and into her own. Its something she's been doing for some time now and every time I fuck her now, she appears to want even dirtier sex. I know I'm a lucky guy and probably a stupid one aswell for boning my step daughter, but if you saw how gorgeous she really is, you'd want a piece of her too. "

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