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"I am running out of money and am considering going back to work as an escort to pay my bills, and to support my awful habit. I have been sniffing Coke, and also started smoking it again last year. I would work for myself, and not join an agency because they take most of your hard earned money just for getting you clients. I was an escort for years in the past. It wasn't too bad; I do love sex, and always made my clients very happy. I wouldn't recommend this job to anyone because it can fuck with your head and lead to substance abuse and possibly self destruction. I have done it clean before. I worked out of my apartment in a big city. Now I'd have to go to a hotel, or to their house. I'm a little nervous but am not working right now, and am trying to get disability for my bipolar disorder and depression. It's pretty bad. My bf uses heroin and Coke, and sometimes shoots it. He puts me down for smoking it but that's okay?? I don't think so! I haven't paid rent yet this month. I owed my landlord 1400.00 recently, and just paid it off a few weeks ago. My bf lives off of his wife. It's killing me that he's married, although he lives downstairs and doesn't sleep with her anymore. Hes helped me do many things in my life to better myself, but I'm very concerned about our drug problem. I spent sooo much money on stuff this year that it isn't funny. He would be livid if he found out I was escorting, but he isn't paying my damn bills! I can't work on the books due to my disability case. I guess I'll figure it out... "

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