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"im 14 and i had to come out to my parents because rumors were spreading around about me and my best friend. i expected it to go better than it did, and now my mom is more of a closet mother than ever. she keeps being ashamed of me and disappointed. we were watching a movie, if i stay, and she looks at me so sadly and said "I just want you to experience that" i couldnt even believe it. i dont know why she thinks i cant experience it with another girl because i have and it was perfect. she makes me even more suicidal than i used to be, and makes me want to relapse into self harm. she always tells me that im going to hell and nothing hurts worse than that. and i cant fucking handle this anymore. just let me love who i want and i can be happy, but not if your trying to make me be with a guy. i just want to be allowed to be happy with the girl of my dreams. and yes its possible. "


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