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"i think my bosses are lying to me/cheating me out of oppurtunities ive worked at ulta for 7/8 months as a beauty advisor. i spent the first half of that on the morning team (stocking, setting displays, etc) but then was moved to the cash wrap for the latter half. late january, i was offered the position of cash wrap lead, but told them the only way i could accept is if i was guaranteed a pay raise as well as more hours (the position required more on-the-job and constant training and im a college student so i need $$$). i was promised these things and accepted the position. i was told training would start mid-late february. mid february rolls around and i find that a coworker of mine was also offered the position, this didnt alarm me because we have had 2 cash leads before. however, this other employee had worked at another retail store with both the assistant and GENERAL manger before, and i feel like because of this, he had a leg up (currently, i have received NO training and no added authorization limits, but he has received both). now i find out he is interviewing for a management position. around the time i found out he was cash wrap lead, i also found out i was making $1-2 less than my coworkers of the same title who had equal or lesser retail experience. my numbers in member sign ups are the highest. my credit card sign ups are the highest. ive never been late, always stayed late when needed, forfeited nearly all of my breaks to support the store. i brought my concern to management and was told "we wouldnt have asked you to leave your other job if we didnt want you in this position. we have faith in you and expect great things from you. you will be receiving a raise that is nowhere near what youre making now" and basically had all of my doubts washed away. now, here i am again wondering how valued i actually am. i care about the store and love what im doing, i love the coworkers and the customers. everyday is a challenge and i love to succeed everyday but i cant help but feel like the management in my store is taking advantage of me or just giving me the run around so ill forget the issue im having. weve go three managers and there is one thats typically left out of the loop and so she completely understands my dilemma and sympathizes with me, but can do little about it since she is typically the manager whose opinion is taken into account the least. i dont know if im being impatient or if im overestimating myself but i really have an odd feeling about management and wish there was more communication and honesty"


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