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"Sophomores, stop complaining about how hard your courses are . Bitch, you have a big storm coming junior year. One AP course is fucking easy, especially a history one. Your other courses are also easy as hell so don't try to come to me acting like you're so elite and smart because you are taking these courses on. Try having a teacher assign an extra chapter to study the day before a test. And try actually doing a rigorous sport and succeeding in that as well. It ain't easy. and when I tell you how hard it is for me, don't undermine my complaining with your complaining. Your workload is infinitesimal compared to mine. Overall, I just don't want tot talk to anyone. I feel like shit because I'm going to fail this stupid ass test because my teacher decided to test us on crap we didn't read. And I have 3 other tests additionally. So stfu with your complaining, you ain't shit."

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