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"Cunt bitch from Texas I am at work and I get a proof from my GM for a client who has been a nightmare to do business with. This woman submitted an order with no regard to our production time. I bent over backward to get her order in, proofed, approved etc. I let her know WAY ahead of time that the production time is 7-10 days AFTER proof approval. Her response? "That’s fine; we can change according to the proof approval date. When can I expect a proof?" She got a proof that very day. She approved it the next day- 1/26. Now her customer absolutely must have these on the 4th- well the schedule for her cups is not until 2/3- cannot be any earlier. She admits to me that her customer just dropped the ball on her that they REALLY need this on the 4th of February. They ended up doing a partial of 500 shipping UPS RED Saturday delivery and the rest go ground for delivery on the 8th. Now is when she starts getting belligerent and nasty because according to her "but my in-hands date on the order is 2/7………. " I tell her: " "this is a 3 day shipping point to CT, not two…so it would arrive on 2/8 for the ground portion. I’m sorry but it’s a 3 day shipping point. This can be shipped UPS 2nd day air to deliver on 2/7- let me know." Back to the virtaul proof- the virtual proof from our sister company shows us that there is something wrong with the art to which I tell her: "Good morning, This virtual proof was just sent to me from my manager as he is questioning the artwork. The question is, is that the black background that is part of the art is not going to be the same “black” as the cup color. The only alternative there is if you are not OK with the black square is to give us new art that creates a silhouette around the pictures and removes the black box. But we are really up against a time crunch and would need that new art before noon today. Please let me know how you wish to proceed?" Keep in mind I had to call and email this bitch not one but twice trying to get this situation sorted out. When she finally gets in touch with me, OH MY GOD I may as well have told her that the world was coming to an end. She starts out by telling me that this is unacceptable, I have been of no help, and that this is my fault. I really wanted to drop kick this woman in her teeth. I am so angry that I can barely see past the red enough to send her little cunt ass right to my boss. Who the fuck does this bitch this she is? Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't she and her customer the ones who fucked this up? It's my fault how? Because I bent over backward, got her order in on time, helped get her disaster of a shipping figured out, and she flips out because she sent bad art that we didn't know was bad until today? Fuck this cunt- I hope she walks into traffic, gets hit by a bus, gets flung into the woods where coyotes eat her, shit her out and drag their asses over it and no one ever finds her again. Hopefully, she turns into a ghost where she has to watch her own death over and over again."

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