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"It was last year when i suddenly remembered you. Then i thought about you a lot. Its crazy , i never really knew anything about you or even your real name as monnapt b. I tried making a fake fb account to add you. Creepy, ikr. You will never know me, but its ok for me as long as youre alright and doing well with your life. I wish you all the best. Youre the first person i think about in the morning and right before i sleep. Youre one of my inspirations. Youre beautiful in your own way and cool too. Im hurt, cuz im shy to chat with you. I want to get to know you but im first it was just a crush but now, its love....youre far away, but i really want to see u personally. Like, there she is, the one im all crazy about, her lovely eyebrows and irresistable lips..a thai girl, god...its sad, that im just gonna be waiting outside the lines trying to reach out to you but it tears me apart cuz you dont see... monna bamrung"


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