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"Chuck e effen cheese Ugh me and my ex boyfriend took our son to chuck e cheese for his 6th birthday. His birthday was on a Saturday and he was coming from Georgia so the party had to start late in the day like around 4 430. Anyway the fucking kids in that place was so annoying. My son tapped his play pass on this basketball thing for kids (not the big ones) and this little girl maybe 4 or 5 came up and took over the game her mother was just like "yeah get it nae" OK I guess we wasn't playing here so my son just walked away. Then we decided to take a picture at the little picture booth two kids just stood beside us watching us take the picture... Very awkward. Kids was snatching tickets now mind you this is one of the "nicer" chuck e cheese's. When our pizza came to our table same little girl from the basketball game came and asked us for a slice. When we told her no her mother asked why not... It's our pizza bitch go buy your own tf. I will never go to another chuck e cheese on a Saturday again"

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