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"Prom asshole So I'm not with this guy or anything. But we hooked up once and he's apparently really liked me for a long time. So I gave him a shit and we went on a date. On my end, it didn't go well. Him idk. But Long story short I wasn't interested in him romantically at all. However, while he never really got the balls to talk to me at school, his friends still insisted that he liked me. Prom is not to far away. And all his friends kept on convincing me that he was gonna ask me to prom. Telling me not to worry and that it would happen soon, etc. Anyways, on a side note, one of my best friends passed away this weekend and it has been very hard on me and many others in my community. Today, we organized a ceremony for him in the gym to honor his life. But, the dude who was into me thought now would be a perfect time to get back at me for not "showing interest back". He asked another girl to prom. Not that big of a deal right? Especially since I wasn't interested in him that way. But he intentionally asked this poor girl out just too piss me off. And that's what's making me sad. Had he just wanted to go with her because she's cool and pretty, I would be totally fine with that. But it's the fact that he actually wants to hurt me and makes me sad. Especially when I'm already hurting from the passing of my friend. Maybe I'm being over dramatic. But I honestly think this just goes to show how petty and mean this guy is for wanting to intentionally hurt me when I'm already in pain."

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