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"Told my wife she can have s** with someone else My wife goes away this weekend for a few days with her tennis club. There's a guy there who I know fancies the pants off my wife and would jump at the chance to s*** her. I just play along with it cause I don't consider him a threat. On the last night the rooms get swapped around as some are going home early and this guys room is one of them and he's alone that night. He's already joked to others my wife can share with him which I found out about. I've just said to my wife listen why don't you give him a treat, suduce him and you can s*** him if you want !!! She looked at me and said are you serious ? I said listen if it's just for some fun why not make his weekend for him !!!! She laughed and said your crazy but if that's how you feel I might do !!! So this weekend my wife might be getting naked with another guy and s******* him and I'm turned on by the fact it might happen. I'll let you know what happens !!! Am I weird thinking like this or am I right thinking does it really matter sometimes if she does or doesn't so long as no one gets hurt !!"

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