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"my life has just completely fallen from under me. I always used to have fun with life and sports and school, but now I just dont see any reason to go anymore. I have no social life. I quit the one sport I was good at because I couldn't stand my dad pushing me in it anymore to pursue the sport that I actually like but ultimately failed there too. And my grades are absolute shit now. No one in my family cares about me anymore. My mom hates and has kicked me out of the house several times along with my dad. My brothers just think Im weak and being a pussy, while my sister is off in god knows what country. My girlfriend broke up with me last month because of the deep depression I've slowly slipped into and I frankly don't blame her. I lash out at anyone who even talks to me anymore and its all because of my own fucking family. I have no friends, family, or anything who cares about me anymore including myself."


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