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"No Job, No Money (As of now) So, I got an email from my boss saying that I didn't get the position that I applied for, and I have to say, I almost punched my computer. It was a very polite email saying that I did not get the job. Normally, I'd be bummed, but I'd understand. However, I have been working with this company and this person for two years. And reading that email, I'm like, "Please tell me why someone who has LESS experience than me at that job, or even the same amount of experience, deserves it any more than I do." What the hell did I do that was a drop dead deal breaker for this position? Half of me wants to go to her boss and tell him to provide a reason as to why I didn't get the job (again, normally I wouldn't ask for a reason, especially with a job that I don't have experience with). If anyone thinks I should go to her higher-ups and ask for an explanation, please comment below"


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