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""I don't care about what others think of me" Y'know, I want to help people on this website when I can, but when people say this line it just drives me insane. It's like really? You don't care? Then why the hell did you just write a 200-page novel complaining about what they said? Beginning of the post: "People called me names everywhere I go, but fuck the haters" Later in the post: "Anyway I think I'm suicidal and I need help, can someone give me advice?" Good fucking lord, people calling you names adds to your depression. Can't you just fucking see that? No one can truly "block out the haters", they're just frail people pretending to have self-confidence. Sounds mean, I know. It is, but it's the truth. It's in our nature to be liked among others, because in a biological perspective, our primitive selves were better off surviving the troubles of nature with other people. Thus, people grew to like other people. Simple as that. Now the next time you say, "I don't care about what others think of me," just know you sound like a petty bitch. Be more productive in your words if you want help."


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