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"Silent Affairs I've been in a relationship with an older man for almost a year now. & when i say older, i mean 14 yrs. my senior. He's a great guy & he treats my like a princess. Anything i want, he gets me. When im upset, he'll do anything in his power to cheer me up. When i need someone to talk to, he's right there to listen. . .no matter how far he is. When i f*** up he forgives me & i have the freedom of a wild dog. He only had one request. Knowing how young i am & how much i havnt got the chance to experience; he told me i can f*** anyone i want to if thats REALLY what i want to do. AS LONG AS i tell him before hand. i told him he had nothing to worry about, because at the time that statement was completely genuine. Due to a few misfortunes me and him havnt been able to see each other as much as we use to. . .i use to live with him but now im living with my mother almost an hour away. & it hurts cause i miss him, but it feels good cause we needed the time apart. Now im guilty of being the girlfriend i swore id never be. im cheating on the love of my life with another man closer to my age group. Its a feeling i havnt felt in so long and we have such good chemistry in bed. So good that the first time felt like we had discussed the things that turned us on & off in the bedroom. I want to tell my boyfriend about the other guy so my conscience will stop eating me alive, but the reason i havnt is because im not sure if i want to let the other guy go. . .What should i do? "

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