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"My life. My step mom Shelly told me that as a christian that being a lesbian is wrong. I'm 17 and the church means everything to me. I'm in the choir, youth group and do regular bible studies. But Shelly believes that me being a lesbian is harmful and sinful. Her daughter Amy agrees with her. In fact the rest of the family including her husband, David believes that they should take me to church and have several male members correct me. Such as corrective rape. Shelly has come to my room lots of times trying to convince me to willingly go with her to the church. She said that she would also consider drugging me. Like putting sleep medicine in my juice to put me to sleep. She told me if I don't let them help me or if I run away I'd be making it worse on myself. She told me that hypnosis is also a last resort opportunity too. I'm scared because I don't want to be raped because of who I am. I was surprised that I could even use their computer to write this. :("

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