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"Forced to show myself So Im 16 and I'm not the most hung person out there and more on the smaller side for my dïck size.. Well anyways I was at a party with both girls and boys there I think there was 9 girls and 7 boys including myself and we were playing truth or dare and the way we play is that you get to say no to a dare or not answer a truth 3 times total and I already had used my 3 so when I was dared to strip naked and remain that way for 30 minutes I couldn't say no so I ended up stripping butt ass naked in front of everyone when I was stripped i had to hand over my clothes so they could hide them so I couldn't get dressed for the 30 minutes... I was soft for awhile but when a girl started to put her ass in my face and touch the inside of my leg I got hard quickly being naked wasn't bad it was when I got hard that's where it was humiliating"


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