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"You Look Disgusting Video I know I'm late but I found this video and wondered "what the fuck is wrong with society?" A beauty guru posted pictures of her on social media without make-up on and people reacted badly about it because of her imperfections. "What the hell is wrong with her face?" What the fuck is wrong with your mind? Just because she has those imperfections doesn't mean she's not pretty. She's beautiful outside and inside. If you bastards took time to actually see the beauty then you would appreciate her more, but no, you focus on the negative things about her! When she wears make-up, most people compliment her but other people still react badly about it! "Don't trust a person with make-up." What the fuck do you want her to do? Wear make-up? You guys fucking hate it! Don't wear make-up? You guys still fucking hate it! The fucking society is judging every person by their looks and not inner-beauty. It's so fucked up."


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