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"Old Nympho I am a 54 year old lady who has always loved s**. By the time I was 40 I had been divorced 3 times and each one was my fault because of my infidelities. When I was younger I used to cheat with men (lots of) around my own age, sometimes a little younger, but often quite a bit older than me. After my last divorce I decided that marriage was never going to work for me and so I started dating more than one guy at a time and this suited me. What I did find as I got older was the men I was having s** with were getting younger and younger, so many young men have a passion for older women. At one time I was thinking about having a b***-job, but one evening I had just taken from a lovely young man, a good load of his lovely man juice into my mouth and after a bit of gargling I had swallowed it. I asked him what size should I go for and he was shocked. "No, no" he said, "I love your droopy b******" and with that he started to suck my nipples. I asked a few of my other lovers and they all said the same, basically they liked me as I was and implants really do show and feel awful, they do not have the same softness of my lovely droopers. Well they are the experts so I took their advice. My b****** are now more droopier but still very popular with the young fellows and I am very lucky that I am fit and well, I cycle and run a lot and I am still nice and slim with no real wrinkling. Saying that, I brought a young man home once and when we both had our kit off he told me he was disappointed that I had no wrinkles. I gave him the best b******* he had ever had to make up for it but I didn't see him again. I also love groups of young men, the largest group I have had was 6 absolutely gorgeous young fellows and that was heaven. My face was covered in c**, my makeup had run, I had c** in one ear, a bit in one eye which stung a bit, some up my nose and had swallowed loads of it. All I could smell and taste was c** and I went crazy with it. What I would like to do now is to have s** with a male/female couple (or a few couples even better) because I have only recently (last couple of years) started having s** with women. Girl on girl s** is great, it is so gentle and lovely but there is NO C**, so s** with couples should be ideal. I think I have found a young couple who might fit the bill, I have had s** with the wife but not the husband yet - but that will come. Pardon the pun."


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