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"I'm unsure of this world I don't know what exactly to think about this generation anymore. All there left is s**, money, and loneliness. People are taking advantage of certain crimes ..... I feel like I shouldn't continue with my sentence and this confession anymore because it'll violate many of their feelings to something I'll regret writing about. Many people have "truly" been victims of certain crimes, and some people lie to get attention. It's hard to tell who's telling the truth. I hope people understand the importance of my message. It is a request to those who enjoy lying about certain crimes that has never happened to them or that they misinterpret. Accusing someone for doing something they never did can affect their mental state at the severe level. It is also a bizarre humiliation to those who's actually been real victims in real life. Please, stop where you at and think before acting upon certain situations. It's not funny within this world anymore. People are lost and in need for help. You can't take that right away from them because this is all they have to get out of the rut. Try healing yourself and let others heal as well. "

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