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"hi my i discoverer that my 12 year old son had a cock past 9 inches. at first i become worried and thought there was something wrong with him. then i began to fantasise about it, i had never seen one as big as it, even on porn. my son has very little on sex and all that stuff. as he knew no little i decided to give him a try. i ran a bath and got in, i then shouted him and told him to get in with me, oddly he did not oblige even though we have never bathed together before. the bath was small and all that i could look at was his huge cock floating around, i moved my body closer to it so that his huge cock was resting on my pussy. i watched as his cock grew in size. it became enormous, it was as long as my wrist and just as wide. i couldn't help my self, i had to touch it. i grabbed it with my hand and began to stroke it, i looked as his face, he didnt even seem to realise!"


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