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"Truth about my wife and the neighbor comes out Until a year ago we lived in a high rise building. Our next door neighbor was a single man who everyone knew to be gay. He was also the condo board president. I work but my wife and he were at home. My wife was getting more and more cozy with him, spending time at him apartment, getting drunk with him, etc. I objected but wasn't too worried because he was gay. Once when all three of us were together I said, "I trust her - I'm not worried" and he said with a smile, "You should be worried." Another time he asked me if my wife "gives good head." There were other warning signs that I ignored. He had quite a bulge in his pants whereas I'm pretty small. Her nickname for him was "mister" and she started calling me "tits." She even called me "teeny little weenie" and then said "oops" as if she hadn't meant to call me that. She also said "I love you" to him, but dismissed it telling me that gay men like that. She stopped letting me enter her and insisted that I just do oral on her and said I was like her "girlfriend." Our neighbor started treating us with contempt, and my wife said that she needed to keep being nice to him because she was afraid of what he would do as president. We finally moved out as he was starting to harass us with condo board warning letters. Yesterday we were talking about the neighbor and my wife mentioned that he is actually bisexual and "probably had sex with everyone in the building." I said "Well, I didn't and I assume you didn't -- that's two holdouts." She looked funny and then she said, "Well, not really sex." I asked her to explain. She said that she felt like she had to do whatever he wanted. She said that he would make her walk around naked when she was at his apartment. I was mortified but insisted that she tell me everything. She said that he made her suck him off. He would also finger her to orgasm. She said she was ashamed but so hot all the time from this that she masturbated for hours after she saw him. It drove me crazy to hear all this - it was so completely humiliating. But it was also an incredible turn on. I'm sure glad we don't live there any more."


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