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"1000 stroke challenge So my husband and I recently changed from using condoms to the pill and he hasn't taken to the change well. It turned out he was using climax controlled condoms. So I have him taking the 1000 stroke challenge to increase his stamina. On the first day he had to stroke his cock 100 times without coming then 200 times on the second day and so. He can stop at any time but he can't come. If he comes or if he doesn't get his strokes in by midnight, he has to start over at 100. This stroking continues until he reaches 1000 on the last day. Only then can he come. My husband is currently on day two and has done his 200 strokes today without coming. The first 100 went easy and he went nice and slow. The second 100 today I took over and started to go fast or at normal speed. He asked me to stop several times but he made it to 200 without coming which is 150 more than I thought he could do. His cock spasmed a couple of times at the end and I thought he was coming but he didn't. Tomorrow I think I will have him go down on me while he does his 300 strokes. Ladies, I think my husband needs a friend. Please join us on the 1000 stroke challenge. What fun!!!"


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