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"Summer school I had to go to summer school like 5 yrs ago and i hated every minute of it and i swore i would never ever go again but this yr i had to go again and i told my parents i would hate it and would cut every class every time i got the chance. so we started this week and i got put in the algebra 2 class i didnt want with a teacher i already hate but then the third day the class got too big and so me and another girl got put in a different teachers class and this guy is like totally hot. and i dont mean hes hot for his age----i just mean hes f****** hot. so i sit there in class just f****** WANTING him and getting wetter and wetter and wetter every minute im there in front of him to the point that my uniform pants are completely soaked in between my legs and i almost make nasty sloppy squishy noises when i walk. my p**** and my ass just throb while i am fantasizing about getting on him and getting under him and just never ever ever getting off of him and ive decided that im not going to pass up the chance to get with him and stay with him. hes really amazing and i just cant wait to have him doing me like all the time. i know hes married and its wrong but i totally dont f****** care. i am totally going to get this man and not care even a little bit about his wife and his family. god i am so glad for summer school."

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