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"richard kicked me several times and got women to bash me to make his ego feel big to have women fighting over him so I just said "have him whore" as I always do. I did that with kelly as well and other bitches, who were on tv as well with other people and even bands. we were told to stay away from taxiride so we did. and I said to mum I think it was ken and his open marriage arrangement and how he raped me, never asked me if i wanted sex or if was a virgin or not or what i liked sexually he just went at me like a animal. and it was awful. and I am now with vaginal problems because of the rapes he did for 16 hrs and the stroke i had afterwards, and after the surgery I am a virgin again and the doctors can't even put a pap smear spatular in there. and I am just so traumatised over that and MRI's on my brain and back and blood tests with veins collapsing. I am still traumatised over the hospitals and ambulances. I don't like seeing them at all. "

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