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"Hope it was a great show! Our realtionship never really worked. Of course now, all these years later I find out about your dad molesting your sister, but you always denied it happening to you. I offered every inch of myself to help any of your problems. I got painful to work so many hours, trying to make things nice for you. We lived in a nice place, had decent wnough things...and I was always broke. You spent your entire paycheck on things you wanted, every week. There was never help on the bills, or anything I wanted to get. You wouldn't even hug me. That one night, that one band came to the area, and I wanted to see them badly. Thanks for buying a ticket for yourself and a friend...instead of the man you lived with. The man who paid all your bills. The man who cooked for you and kept the house clean (you lazy slob). I was angry, and told you so for months beforehand. You had plenty of time to get money ahead for another ticket. I was living on credit cards to pay the rent at the time. You wouldn't even hug me. You left early for the show, for a long day in the big city, with stops at all the fun places. I came home from another 10 hour workday without so much as a sandwich or note waiting for me. I got angrier. I went out for a ride on my bicycle. A long, long ride in the worst part of town (like there is any good part in that town). An hor into the ride I saw the first one. She was Mexican, hot, young and a little drunk. And horny as all hell. It went into her apartment building, an old place dowtown, and we went to the roof. The stairway was good enough, and we didn't get out the door by the time I fucked her. She bent over and I drove. As I was pumping her hard, two girls came home to their top floor apartment. One of them saw us up the stairs, and they both stopped to watch us fuck. She came so hard her knees gave way, and I held her ass up as I finished her off. I stared right at both of them while I did her. She left all embarrased, and I went right up to the other two, who pulled me into their apartment. In less than a minute I was fucking the little one, the chubby one got naked and I did her too. It was a fuckfest and I made them both come really hard. They stayed naked and joked they wanted to see how many it would take to wear me out. Their cousins came over, looking more like a pair o sisters than cousins. I was naked on the sofa getting sucked when they got there. The one who answered the door just told them to get naked, the apartment smelled worsethan an asian whorehouse, and they were wet before the pants hit the floor. I put them face down on the back of the sofa and made them scream too. We spent the rest of the night randomly fucking each other. That made it five women I fucked that night. It took a lot of hot, wet pussy to get rid of my anger and pain towards you. It was the first time since I met you that I relaxed. It was when I knew that being with you was wrong. You had problems for sure, but they were bigger than me or my understanding. I destroyed myself trying to care for you. The door was always open at their apartment for me. That key wasn't for a stockroom at work. I would stop at a payphone when I was on my way there and they would throw out anybody who might have been there. All those 15 hour days I worked became 8 hour days, and the rest of the time I was buried deep in their pussies. They had problems too, but they were working them out normally. I used to see them years later, all of the five involved, and we were great friends. Their husbands always gave me looks, because they said hello too friendly. What was the joke..."I taught them that thing you lik so much...".... Best I moved out of that town. Best I left that all behind. It was a long time ago, and you never got better, it's a shame. I miss my five girlfriends....and I miss you, who was supposed to be my everything. It's not always the man's fault. You wouldn't even hug me."

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