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"Adult Book store adventure I have many times went to a adult book store and given other men head through the glory holes. Recently I went back to the adult book store and all of the glory holes were closed up. So I went into a booth started a movie a gay one. and left my door unlocked. After a short time a man came in & took out his c--k. I was sitting and leaned over and started to give him head. He got very excited and started to face f--k me. He stopped and asked if he could f--k me. I have never done that before but agreed. I stood up faced away from him and bent over. He started f--king me and I really enjoyed it. I didn\'t realize that he had opened the door and there were several other men watching. He steepped out and said next. I didn\'t really know how to react. But before I really could even think about it another man was f--king me. The line got longer and men were either f--king me or I was s--king them. I\'m glad it was early in the day. Because there was only eleven of them. But I really loved it and I am looking forward to the next time I can get away for a while. "


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