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"i am a whole person as i am whatever good comes along is the icing but people from my past are not the cake! my love life is moving on to the not just the future but I love life now. being healthy is the most important thing. cuz having kids is not a guarantee of being loved in old age. I think I gave the men around this town plenty of chances and now I want to move on! i am not waiting around for things or men or friends. I have no control over finding the right man. I can only do certain things and so far the men I have met here have been awful. all the men I have met have been low grade and when I was at my best I met all the shit around. I knew the image of who I wanted to be but then I accepted others didn't share that or want that for me. and that doesn't mean I have to be around the losers and stupid men others have tried to through on me. I really do want to move from australia anyway and find someone with better values then most australians and someone who has diverse values that are not like all these old men who I find annoying or too young like unlucky llee/locked up lee where he belongs cuz I need someone better then him or old boring theodro, etc. "

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