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"to the post- I adore women who have their kids young I don't know why,I just find that to be so sexy:)my mother usually refers to those types of women as women whose horse is greater then the rider, ie, their sexual impulses control them rather then their intellect. so my mother always taught me to have a strong rider mind and also that it was breaking the catholic faith to have children out of wedlock and that was a sin to do that. my mother always taught me that you only ever give yourself to a man once really, meaning as in virginity was a blessed thing to give and that multiple marriages was a sign of mental illness and personal instability and after I was raped while still a virgin, this upset my whole family badly cuzing my father so much anger he turned to alcohol and won't speak to people and my mother was horrified that such a social group would allow it to happen. because it caused me internal injuries and depression and neglect from other men I wanted and prefered the company of and my parents did not approve of the man who raped me and neither did I and we still stand by our values strong. one day the legal and medical people and those who wronged me god is going to punish them just like the people who caused my illnesses at other times just bc we live in a bad world does not mean we should lower ourselves to it but the wicked of the world are winning. its a wicked world we live in now. where the wicked and reptilian minds (that is the small old part of the brain that just rages and impulsive on sexual rampages and has no self order and control and quick to anger and flight or fight cuz they don't learn higher thinking skills) are working over time then the people with more mental faculties. nothing more sexy about young women fucking and having children some men find older women having children a more sensual mature erotic candor. young girls/ children today think they are adults with adult privileges at the age of the pre-teen movement of -711 and 12 are the shakers of the world, and that is a shame, majority of age was once a prized thing like virginity and also marriage and virtue which few people care to consider as attractive enhancements of womanhood now. it will ruin the world. the powers allowing will be to blame not me! thank the lord."

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