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"this process of getting rid of certain unsavory relatives and people with mum is a process where by I down cry everyone and remove them, afterall my aunty was invited over a week ago to an event has not responded and there is only so long I should have to wait for a response from her when she wants an answer straight away when she invites us places and I am sick of people doing this to me. anyway her love is cold and unreliable and untrusting. I don't trust my female cousin she is a liar and I don't want her there. she has too many husbands and kids out of control. I don't want to mix with people out of control. I am a person of order. so I don't know why my aunty didn't respond to my mothers message but I am sick of paying out money and then people leave me high and dry and I am not dancing anyones tune. it won't hurt them if they didn't know anyway, but my aunty is welcome and the invite to her stands but not to others maybe her son and his wife but that is about it. people expect to answer clear 'yes or no' to invites and all i ever got from karon was "oh unless i get a better offer" so you know that means "your not worth putting myself out for and any man would be a better offer then your company" and I know my aunty won't invite us to any nye event and as dad says we don't want to look like we are after her money cuz we aren't. we don't care. everyone is richer then us and we just don't care about their money. "


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