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"10 years ago this weekend (1) Every year around this time i am flooded with memories of one of if not the best weekend of my life. My wife and i had tried for a few years after marriage to have children and after depleting our savings and selling off all of my toys including my small but beloved collection of vintage motorcycles to pay for fertility treatments we still had nothing more than a garbage can full of negative pregnancy tests. Our doctors couldn't explain any reason for the failure to conceive and my wife had started to spiral downward every time one of her friends got pregnant. There was only one thing she wanted in life and that was to be a mom and i wanted to give that to her and was beginning to feel like a failure since i wasn't able to provide her with that. One night as we laid in bed going through our finances we discussed adoption which she explained was not what she wanted, She wanted to experience the while pregnancy and "the miracle" of giving birth. She had pretty much turned into a compulsive google researcher and spent all her time at home researching and trying home remedies and i have to tell you, Some of them were pretty crazy and off the wall. In early June of 2007 my wife and i were laying in bed and she had just returned from spending a week with her best friend of 18 years, Her friend had two kids already 3 years into marriage and they had planned for her husband to "Get fixed" but due to complications which came up before the surgery it ended up that she was the one who had to have her tubes tied, my wife was explaining the whole thing to me and although it was extremely h****** her she spent the week caring for her friend and her friends children until she was able to do it herself so her husband could continue to work. I could tell as we laid there she had something she wanted to say but she wouldn't come right out and say it. I looked at her and finally asked her what it was and she sat up, looked at me and began. She explained that her and her friend had obviously been talking about our situation and her friend had made her an offer she had been thinking about, She told me her and her friend had discussed the possibility of my wife getting knocked up by her husband, she told me that their decision to not have more kids was not that they didn't want more but due to the fact that there were complications with the birth of their last child that something had happened and she was no longer able to carry a child to full term and had been through more than a few miscarriages and couldn't handle the heart break again. My wife continued to tell me that her friend had told her she basically got pregnant every time they had s** and then had offered her husbands "services". Initially i laughed but after looking at my wife as she sat there not saying anything and just looking at her lap i asked if she was considering it, She started to cry and after gathering herself she told me she would only consider it if i was 100% on board. I spent some time thinking about it then after thinking of any possible way to raise more money for further treatments i realized that if this was our one last chance and if there was even a slight chance it could work that it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. She had of course been with other guys before me and i decided what was it going to hurt to add one more to the roster. My wife immediately called her friend and as i laid there listening they made an entire plan for her friends husband to have s** with my wife, The whole thing was a bit upsetting but at the same time also a bit exciting, During the conversation my wife stopped, looked at me then got up and left the room, She returned and we started discussing "The plan" and after repeatedly confirming i was ok with everything she told me her friend had some concerns about what me and her were going to do while her husband pounded my wife, I asked what she meant and i honestly had not put any thought into that part of it but she told me her friend ha asked about her feelings on us doing "stuff" and we briefly discussed it. We had made a plan to spend a weekend at their place and they had sent their kids to his parents for Saturday and Sunday planning to pick them up Monday after school, I had booked Friday and Monday off work since they live 6 hours away and we would need two days to travel there and back. We arrived and immediately decided to go for supper, Everything was super awkward but when we got back to their place her friend was the one who finally said "Lets just get it out of the way and clear the sexual tension". My wife's friend said 'be right back" and took her husband down the hall, my wife looked at me, and asked if i was ok, i told her yes but was starting to have second thought but felt it was too late to back out now, I did my best to convince her it was all good and when they returned a few minutes later her friends husband, Who by the way i was also friends with by this point even though we didn't meet until me and my wife met but he looked at me and we stood up, he said to me "we good" and we had a very awkward moment where i assured him he had my permission to f*** and impregnate my wife. He took my wife by the hand and i stood next to her best friend as we watched them walk down the hall to the bedroom and the plan was not to see them again until morning. Read part two if you want the good stuff."


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