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"Unsure where to go from here. I have been trying to decide whether to stay with my boyfriend or not as his moods are so unbelievably up and down. He usually says he is doing one thing and then does another and he seems to be drawing into his own little world more and more. I got upset and asked him what the h*** was going on. He dabbled in drugs a long time ago and i was worried he'd gotten back into the habit; even though i've no idea what the signs really are because i have never been around that type of environment. I said i feel like you're withdrawing into yourself and i am at a loss on how to help you. For the first time in a long time he opened up and told me that sometimes he feels suicidal but the only reason he keeps going is because i'm all he has and he wants to be with me always. Now i feel guilty for even contemplating leaving him. I wish i could make him feel happy again..."


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