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"Erroe 404 Well, if only they knew, 1. I have 'fun' on webcams whenever im h****. 2. I watch hardcore bondage p*** that involves torture and humiliation. I love seeing little blonde s**** getting tied and f***** like no tomorrow. 3. I write lewd stories. 4. I fantasize about giving a black guy with massive d*** a b****** and have it broadcasted in Omegle and Chatroulette LIVE. That'll be so sexy. 5. I wanna f*** a black guy. BADLY. 6. I wanna rape a Chinese man. 7. I'm the one who steals popular girls' stuff like makeup and cute clothes. of course, I never wear it in front of them. 8. I'm the one who placed hidden cams all over the university s****(there are many in my uni) and had them recorded in a CD and distributed them throughout the whole boy's dorm. Managed to throw out some s**** who bullied me when I first came to this uni. Don't mess with the nerd b******. 9. I also posted nude pictures of them doing NASTY things all over the dorm signboard. 10. I enjoy doing this things because well, the nerdy loser girl is the last one anyone would suspect. Moral of the story: BEWARE THE QUIET ONES."


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