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"The old gal down the street The woman down the road is 60 something, has a nice pair of legs and looks great for her age. I'm 42, I walk my dog past her house everyday always hoping she's outside. She's quite chatty and we've had conversations that went on for 30 or more minutes several times. A few days ago during our chat she said I'd love to fuck you, I haven't had had a cock in me in over 10 years, I'd love to have your cock in me she said. I gave her my cell number. I never had sex with anyone that old, I had a woman once that was 5 years older and very nice to have sex with. I'm looking forward to having sex with this gal that's at least 20 years older then me. If she wasn't in such good shape I'd have turned her down but this old babe still has it. I'll bet she's going to be great in bed. I'll let you know."


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