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"Party Sex My wife and I went out last weekend. We were at a party and we were all over each other. We were at our friend's house and everyone was upstairs. We went downstairs and I put her up on their table. I pulled down the front of her dress and started sucking on her tits. I pulled her legs apart and put my head between her pussy. I was licking her and fingering her. She was cumming hard when the door opened and someone started coming down the stairs. A guy we had just met at the party had come down. We could tell he knew that we were messing around. He was visibly drunk. We asked him if he wanted to watch. He said that he wanted too. I turned to my wife and we started making out again. I put my hard cock in her pussy and we started fucking. I could see her staring back at him with a smile. I glanced back and he was stroking his hard cock. He was well endowed. I whispered to her and asked her if she wanted him. She said yes. I pulled out and she walked over to him. She got down on her knees and started sucking his cock. I thought he was going to cum right away. She pulled him down on the ground and he put his cock in her. She gasped as soon as he started fucking her. I bent down and she started sucking my cock. It felt so good when she would cum and she would be sucking my cock. She was cumming hard when I came in her mouth. I rolled off of her as he came in her."

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