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"Life I started out life as an alcoholic and drug addict. I used over the pain of being less than aesthetically attractive with an ugly overbite glasses and booze flab. I finally did something about it after my controlling dad died. I went on a diet and got my teeth fixed and just got a general makeover before it was "in vouge" to do so and as soon as I did that I very suddenly had a sex life with the women doing the chasing! I kid you not! I went to A.A. for a while to do something about my situation and my addiction. But ended up leaving over all the responsibility the fellowship was dumping on me that I was nowhere near ready for. But I went back after a slip, and had my makeover in between. The second I got back I saw a girl there I knew from before who recognized my voice to which she said very loudly "I Approve!!!!" Another one saw me sitting in front making hungry cow eyes at me and made a beeline to sit next to me. All was great until I spoke up to share about solution then thoise eyes became very big, her jaw dropped like lead, and the color drained out from her face when she realized who I was. So much for the "philosophy" of beauty vs ugly. I ended up doing a lot of woman to make up for lost time of using over the pain. A lot of women lie to themselves and the fish when it comes to sex and they'll drop their drawers almost in an insant if ythe right one comes along. Live and rock out with your tits and cock out and be happy!!! :-)"

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