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"Emo ejaculates I wish i could cum big fat loads in my girlfriends pussy without getting her pregnant. no contraceptive is 100% effective, so its not really something im down to do even with a condom on its dangerous. but damn i know she wants all of my cum inside of her after a long fucking :( she loves how wet her pussy feels when its full of cum (ive busted inside her a few times before while she was on the pill). shes such a cum slut. shes a really innocent, casually classy and respectful young lady, but in the bedroom she is my cum swallowing whore always offering her ass and pussy and mouth to be pleasured. i love bending her over my knee and spanking her, grabbing her hair and watching her moan and push her ass out more. why do i enjoy dominating her? lifting her up and pulling her around? shes pretty strong herself but something about this strong thick independant young woman offering herself up to me, little ol me, is just. i wish i could cum inside my fucking girlfriend haha."

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