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"He fucked me so Okay so I've been seeing this Chinese guy for a while nothing serious just getting together every couple weeks or so getting lunch, watching TV shows having sex. He's about 30 not tall, not strong or anything. Kind of awkward looking but he's very sweet and i enjoy spending time with him. My brother moved in with me recently so I wasn't able to have him over anymore because my brother never leaves home since he doesn't have a job. So I assumed we'd just stop seeing each other. Lately I'd just been fucking a Vietnamese guy I've been seeing for a long while in his car but that gets boring and annoying that you can't even hang out in your own home anymore. But anyways after I finished a campus tour at a university I'm interested in he suddenly texts me asking if I wanted to visit him at his apartment. I was surprised because we were so casual I never expected to see his place. I agreed and he met up with me and we walked there together. He's very shy and conservative in public so I don't hold his arm or anything like that. I should mention I'm not Asian. I'm Native American but most people assume I'm Chinese from my face though I have a very full body and 34DDD breasts. I have a very high sex drive especially since I'm 19. Anyways we get to his apartment and his roommate is home so we just go to his room. He seemed nervous and kept running around getting me tea and putting on a movie on his laptop. We sat next to each other and finally he started slowly touching me like he always does when we just get started. His hands rubbing my side and up and down my back so softly it felt so nice like it always does. He started kneading the side of my breast until I turned to face him. His breath went ragged and he started to kiss me fast. I should add that he has never been very good in bed. Never lasting long and having a smaller penis about 2-3 inches that was always kind of soft even when hard. I never really thought much of it since it was always kind of just about getting nice attention and having any sex at all. But this was different. He seemed so hungry. So desperate and ready. His hands were suddenly in my bra and rubbing my nipples. He pulled the bra aside lapping at them hungrily and i let out a small moan he quickly stopped and help up a finger to his lips saying his roommate was home. He looked so different to me I listened. He kissed me to keep me quiet while he pulled my dress off and quickly tore my bra off. I've always been proud of my breasts and he's always loved them. He licked and sucked on my tits and I couldn't stop shivering from the pleasure they felt so sensitive that day. I quickly unbuttoned his dress shirt and pulled it open. He straightened up and started unbuckling his belt while massaging his balls through his pants his watched while petting my head before moving to the closet and grabbing a condom. He dropped his pants and pulled off mine and I quickly sat up bare breasted in only panties. I don't remember ever feeling that horny for him before. He stared at me his erection up for me to see before climbing over me and kissing me his hands grabbing my breasts. He gave me his finger so I could suck on it while he sucked on my nipples the finger meant to muffle any sound I could make. I was so wet I quickly started touching myself while he completely worshipped my breasts. He pulled my panties down and let my finger myself while he enjoyed watching my boobs bounce in his hands. He was so fast and hungry I'd never seen him so desperate before it was only a few moments before he tore open the condom wrapper and put it on. He quickly went inside and I gasped but quickly got used to his small package. He tried fucking me in missionary but with his lack of size I wasn't feeling much. I quickly told him I knew a better position and rolled him over. Climbing on top knees in front of me I slid him in and as soon as I did he hit my gspot. I gasped and had to remember to keep quiet. I started riding him as fast as a I could suddenly feeling nothing but his cock rubbing against that perfect spot. Quickly I reached that perfect high where I felt nothing but pleasure deep inside and cried out for him squeezing his hands over my breasts and scratching at his chest. Seeing my ecstasy he started ramming his hips up fast again and again and again making my high even longer then it's ever been watching by tits bounce as I desperately tried everything to not scream out loud. Grabbing my ass and ramming as hard as possible and my shoulders forcing my body onto him as deep and hard as it could over and over I was in heaven and he was panting and sweating and loving the view. He quickly pinned me down onto mattress face in the pillow doing doggy style so fast and hard I kept expecting him to cum at any moment never knowing he had any of this is him. He just kept fucking me like that so rough and fast, his cock inside me while I tried to not cry out. Suddenly the quiet shy man was whispering dirty things in my ear while he fucked me from behind and whispering in Mandarin about how sexy and good I was. When we finally went back to missionary I again didn't feel much but he quickly got to that point where he'll cum at any second and goes completely crazy even more then before. I almost screamed and he quickly covered my mouth while ramming me. Clinging to him I tensed up tightening myself around him as he suddenly came and gasped in pleasure. Then he collapsed as I stroked his hair trying to comprehend what had just happened and if it was really the same person. After that we cuddled naked watching the movie before going out to dinner. On the way back I had a buss to catch home and when I moved to kiss him goodbye he said he was too shy. Go figure."


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