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" uncle tom kkkronfederate sherrif dclared allows pregnant black woman to miscarriage in jail uncle t is a force for extreme evil. Not a puppet but a puppy. The dog of the zionist controlled white supremacists. uncle tom house negros are the most evil and dangerous on planet earth. They are more sadistic, hateful, venomous, and soulless than donald trump, vladaputo, or bashaassad put together. uncle tom is the most vile sick satanic inhumane force on this planet. The former inmate is seeking $8.5 million in damages A former inmate at the Mik County Jail is seeking $8.5 million dollars in damages after her newborn baby died in a jail cell in July. Sr has filed a notice of claim against the Mik County Sheriff�s Office, according to the Mik Journal Sen, and alleges that jail staff ignored her requests for medical attention as she went into labor. In the notice, Sws lawyer Jus Janko wrote that she told a corrections officer her water broke but the officer laughed and ignored her, according to the paper. After she gave birth around 4 a.m. on July 14, Swa allegedly did not receive medical attention until 6 a.m. Her child was declared dead later that day, the Journal Sen reports. Shortly after the baby�s death, the sheriff�s office said in a statement that Sw never told officers she was going into labor, according to the Journal Sentl. The Mile County Jail is overseen by Sheriff Dc, a supporter of P, who is reportedly under consideration to lead the of Home Security. Since July, an autopsy has been performed on the baby but results have not been released, according to the Journal Sel."


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