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"I hate someone I hate and obsess about my ex boyfriends wife. She ruined my new life and no matter what I do she won't leave him. We had a beautiful new relationship and when she found out about our relationship she threatened to divorce him. He didn't care about being divorced but he didn't care about giving her any money. We talk to an attorney to see if there is a way to not pay her and because of the years of marriage and their children you would definitely have to pay a lot of money. So he went home to her and he has been miserable ever cents. I have done everything to get her to go away. I have harassed her I have harassed her children I have threatened her I have posted her an embarrassing websites and she won't go away. I don't want to physically hurt her but I don't know what else to do I would never hurt her because that would mean we would be stuck raising his mentally ill children and I want nothing to do with his family. I have seen professional people for help with this and they think I'm the one that needs help but they just don't understand what we had. I'm also angry with me because I knew that he was a dirty rotten man. He has a terrible skin disease and when we had s** was the first time it was awful. Touching skin make me feel sick and I don't understand how his wife. Please help me"

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