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"Don´t know how I did this I am a straight man and work with cell phones and I was having a slow day when an older man walks in with a problem. His phone was going crazy and he confessed that he had alot of p*** and I told him that it maybe the problem. Told him that I could fix it and probably put in some good p*** on the way. At the end of the day he came back and I showed him the resaults, and he was very grateful, and I told him that I was just closing up, and he ivited me for a beer because he lived around the corner. I excepted. When we got to his house I showed him how he could watch the p*** on his phone on his TV, and he was very happy. We talked a while and he told me how his wife had died years ago, and how he still felt he needed s**. I understood because since my divorce I was the same way. We were watching p*** on tv and I got very h**** and I could see the bolge in his pants. I told him that I felt like mastrubating and he told me to fire away, that he would do the same. I am ashame to say that after alittle while I started sucking his d***. I was so h**** and I really needed some one to touch me. I had not touched or been touched in such a long time. Plus, I know he needed some one to touch him too, because he never stopped me, and he returned the favor. We had a really good time, and even went out for more beer. We did it again later that night. We are not gay, we just needed to have fun, and we did. No regrets. I would do it again if he comes by sometime."

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