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"Since we were little kids, my best friend's been a little bit on the dramatic side, you could say. I'm kind of calm and composed, and she always seems to think she's dying of something. It gets a little old after a while. When you're teenagers you kind of expect it, someone acting like the world revolves around their own little personal dramas is pretty much par for the course. I did kind of expect though, that she'd grow out of it some time in our mid-twenties. Still waiting. Don't get me wrong, I love her, it may not sound like it right now, but I do. I just don't understand how she functions in the grown-up world. Sweetie, you work a 9-5 office job, it's really not a tough life. I work 80 hours a week and I don't b**** half as much as you do, seriously, it's time to grow up a little. Also: please stop b******* to me about animal rights and how much better animals are than people when you buy ridiculously expensive animal-tested cosmetics. Seriously."


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