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"Child care career Well it's not really a confession..... It's more of venting and letting out steam. I really hope for true answers and not bull sh*t comments. I am male and I have been in the field of child care for 10 years. No matter what..... When everything seems to be going perfect....... Sh*t hits the fan. I work over and beyond my job and then the people I work with back stab me, talk behind my back and put on a fake front. Why is it that my fellow co-workers have to do this.... Is it a territorial thing..... Do woman have in there minds that men shouldn't be in the field.. Are they afraid that could and do a better job. I am not saying all woman in the field are like this. But honestly it needs to stop and people need to get past this and realize the need for males in the field... They need to understand that there can be stay at home dads too... I will continue to fight the good fight and prove that I am needed in this field... It is horrible how one can be treated when they want to do nothing but good. I hope that whomever reads this will take me serious and not write anything stupid."


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