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"My mam I really want to f*** my mam.... It may sound weird and odd but she is smoking hot and i have seen her naked and when i do i get a massive h******!!! How do i bring up the subject and ask her????Big Booty Hispanic Lady at Guitar Store Yesterday,I stopped at a music instrument store to buy my little sons some things. Its a big place,I was dropping my kids off at their mom's place after, and head back to work so was in a rush. As I was leaving,a beautiful Hispanic woman,late 20s-early 30s,walked in. She had her music in her ear,t-shirt on and short blue jean shorts. This woman had the nicest sexiest booty I have ever seem in many years. I lost my mind just in her presence. I could not quickly decide whether to talk to her or just go about my business. I have been thinking about her since then,wishing I had done something different than what I did or did not do. As soon as she entered,she asked a front door( a gate keeper or security) guy this: "do you have a bathroom I can use?" The guy showed her the direction of the bathroom. I was parked right in front of the door,and could have waited for her. But I decided to leave. Sadly,I know I will never see her again. I am jealous of the guy that gets to slap and caress that ass every day. I hope there is such a guy,because I am disappointed I am not the one."


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