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"I got away that day and my hands had the blame, and skeletons in my closet. When I was in school, I made a red chemical bomb (I am very good in chemistry), it should react with the Oxyjen (air), so I closed it in a bottle, then, I went to the cafetaria, and bombed it away!!! Everyone went from white shirts to red ones, it was awesome!!! I will repeat it. And then, I got away safely, how?? Easy!! People don't know I am good at chemistry, and they don't know that I am a bad one, so I put the bomb on the fan, and it crashes all over the students, but I did it before the day begins, so it was awesome!! and they blamed it on the nerd guy who insulted the pricable a day ago!! and he said he will have the revenge, so I came to the plan to blame him, and he got what he deserved,.. he has been fired from the school!! I sure did a big time move and a big time revenge."

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