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"I was married for 25 years and very unhappy, unappreciated,lonely, and neglected. I told my husband how I felt and that I had reacquainted myself with an old friend and that he had been saying alot of seductive and flattering things to me and I liked hearing them and feeling attractive. I love my husband and told him that I did had not cheated but I did have the desire to. I also told him I wanted the feelings of being in love back that I used to have with him. He told me that we had been married too long and we would never get those feelings back. I no longer talk to that old friend anymore but about a month later I became friends with an old friend from high school on facebook and we started talking. Me feeling very lonely I was very attracted to him and the life he lived and the kind words he had to say to me and once I got an invitation to go see this friend I did. We had the best sex I'd had in years and 3 days later I went to see him again. Soon after the affair began I left my husband and about a month after that I moved in with my friend and we are still together and I am very happy. My confession is this, I was married for along time and have 2 grown children. I still care for my ex, although I cant be with him. I want to keep him in my life somehow. I don't know how to just let go and move on."

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