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"this dumb dogbitch comes up to me and going on as to if i think i will go to heaven and crapping on at me with her bullshit, the cunts just read pages word for word and have no idea of the meaning and if you talk about another part of the bible they haven't studied it that week to know and you confuse them. I have debates with them often and I still believe i am right, if there is a god it has to be scientifically proven and there is no scientific proof that jesus lived or was worth all this hullabaloo, and its not that i am any christain or anti god, but a lot of the bible and jesus teachings are so contradictory and make no sense. and i said to mum I don't want to talk to biblebashing so called do-gooders when you put them to their word they don't follow threw which tells you something about their true christianity anyway. they can't bare debate and reasonable principles about religion and i don't want to know about death and refuse to acknowledge any form of death around me or about me, I just don't want to talk about it at all and so what? god is a terrorist. when you have had a near death experience you know it is true. god is a terrorist. and jesus was a confusing wanker. lets face the truth of their bullshit! there aint no god there is nothing at death. "

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