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"i would advise anyone to think twice about having the vasodilators drugs nitrate/nitrovasodilator the ambulance give you cuz it caused me to have a stroke later, it was a nightmare, the migraine comes over you in seconds, pink lady tests in hospital they do for heart attack you feel like your gonna die from choking. its like your whole mouth swells up and you think you will swallow your tongue but I have had a phobia about since a kid and choking phobias among other phobias like swallowing, now I can actually swallow two tablets at a time which is a big step forward for me. and I gag every dam time the doctors check my throat I usually tell them now before hand so they know and apologise its just something due to being attacked as a child with a sharp instrument down my throat and i can't help it. but when you need it you don't care, you take anything."

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