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"i am a fragrance freak since a child with youth dew and I hate that one now, I found perfume that got me the most compliments ever was without a doubt dewberry from body shop and i don't shop there anymore at all .I can't stand aqua water fragrances at all on men or women, I tend t feel that way like you say about Million , "Oh just another guy who wears that stinky aqua vomit shit". I like spices and gourmand or berries or green leaf and florals and woods and soap fragrance is classic. but aqua water shit is terrible and so over used by everyone. sorry cuz I know you say you like davidoff but its awful as to me, worse then fly spray. nice analogy as you say about music and fragrance. I still like the old classics from the 40s and 70s and 80s without a doubt but I bought about 4 bottles of ed hardy candy for some dumb reason when they were going out and never used them. I don't mind Chanel but think its completely over rated now and some how I doubt Coco would have approved of jonny depps daughter as a model for them in her day. goodness gracious me! oh, and I fused a few of my own scents with a base of tea tree sometimes to get a woods smell and it made the perfume glow up for ages and change and did the Vaseline thing too, and the freezer thing, I used to put fragrance on my clothing for parties as a child in the 1980s and put them in a freezer bag over night and the scent will be hugely stronger. "


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