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" my friends claim to care about each other and me, but they don't give a shit about me and whenever anyone asks for help i'm always the only one to volunteer!!! and when i need help one fucking time, no one offers anything!!! i get shit! zero (0) of these fake bitches do anything for me!! i help everyone else with THEIR studying, THEIR finals, THEIR test corrections, and letting THEM borrow my stuff. they claim to be so "grateful" and to "love their friends" but all they want to do is have me listen to THEIR problems!!! they always make everything about themselves, and they don't give any shits about people they call friends!!! i'm fed the fuck up. the only time any of these fucking jackasses has ever helped me is when she was trying to use me for something!! i hate this, i'm pissed at them, and i don't know what to do because they won't help me, they fucking leave me on read, and i have to somehow solve this impossible problem so i won't fail my final!!! fuck you guys!!! "


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